418th Meditation

“When I realized that neither the patriarchs nor the prophets had been able to make Me known and loved by men, I decided to come Myself” (Message of the Father to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio).

A deep sorrow and, at the same time, an immense gratitude can invade our heart when we hear these words. A deep sorrow because it is so difficult for us people to understand the language of God. Not even the presence of the patriarchs and the message of the prophets could sufficiently touch hearts. In fact, we know what was the fate of the prophets. The pain intensifies even more when we consider what mankind did to the Son of God Himself.

However, this dark background can arouse in our hearts even more gratitude for the love of our Father, recognizing that it was only because of this love that God did not give up in His struggle for mankind. Our gratitude should become still greater and even immeasurable when we meditate on the following words of the Father’s Message:

“They will ignore My presence, even though they will be near Me. In My Son they will treat Me cruelly, notwithstanding all the good He will do for them. In My Son they will speak ill of Me, they will crucify Me to bring about My death. Shall I stop because of this? No, My love for My children, men, is too great. I did not stop there. Understand well that I loved you, as it were, more than My beloved Son, or rather, more than Myself.”

What are we to do in view of this love, when we begin to glimpse it in faith? What is our proper response? Worship the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…