God created us from nothing. His only motivation was His love for us. That is why He created man in the image of Himself (Gen 1:27) and clothed him with great dignity.

This is what the Father conveys to us in the Message to Mother Eugenia:

“When I create a person from nothing, from dust, from the element of the earth, I give him something very great; something that comes from Me: the spirit, the soul. Thus, when the person arrives in this world, he is already very great, for he carries within himself that treasure of beauty which comes from God, his Father, and which makes this soul divine”.

In this astonishing mystery lies the deepest dignity that God bestows on each person. How much our Father adorns the soul of man and with what beauty He clothes it! Not seldom do especially little children enrapture us! But we also recognise its nobility when we see a person who cooperates with the Holy Spirit so that this divine treasure in him unfolds.

Our Father spared no effort to save man who had fallen into the hands of robbers, and paid as a ransom price the blood of His beloved Son (cf. 1 Cor 6:20). With infinite patience He raises man up again and again, heals his wounds and entrusts him to the care of the Church (cf. Lk 10:25-37), so that she may help him to recover his original beauty and lead him on the sure path to eternity.

Our Father left nothing undone in order to ennoble his creature, raising it to be His beloved child and cleansing it from every stain and wrinkle (cf. Eph 5:27).

Now it is up to us to follow His Son with great trust, to obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to live as children of the Father. Then the darkness will vanish and the Kingdom of God will be manifested in us (cf. Lk 17:21), for the glory of our Father and for the salvation of souls.