What else can be said about this Pontificate?

We are confronted with a continuing tragedy. If we do not close our eyes, we can see it, because it is evident. At the latest with the publication of “Amoris Laetitia”, Pope Francis as the visible head of the Church embarked on a disastrous course. Another chapter of this tragedy is the fact that almost all cardinals and bishops – as well as a large part of the clergy – follow him on this path. If there is significant resistance, it usually comes from the lay faithful.

One is tired of naming all the transgressions of this Pontificate. Almost every day new ones are added… It is another spirit that is at work here, and evidently – on a general level – it has managed to take root in the ecclesiastical hierarchy. What I have written on this subject can be read in various publications of mine.


It is also part of this tragedy that Pope Francis continues to be defended and justified, even as he indirectly encourages politicians like President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to receive Holy Communion, knowing full well that they massively promote abortion. What he should do is admonish them, for the sake of their souls. With such acts and signs, of what use are his public condemnations of abortion?

What else has to happen for the faithful to open their eyes and wake up from the delusion, into which a large part of the Church has certainly fallen? Was not the spectacle of Pachamama in the Vatican Gardens and in St. Peter’s Basilica enough? Or is it that one is willing to consider such idolatry as mere inculturation or an act of empathy towards the indigenous culture?

Is it not enough to see the Pope, together with cardinals and bishops, participating in a pagan ritual during his visit to Canada? Do the “Catholic bells” no longer ring in the soul at such acts? Have they been silenced? Has mist fallen over minds and a veil over hearts?

Rituals in which the spirits of darkness are present cannot be integrated into our Catholic faith. Neither the Old nor the New Testament give us examples that true worship of God can be combined with the cult of other spirits.

Let us not close our eyes! Let us not relativise or justify everything that P. Francis does or says, for then we will become more and more blinded. True love does not overlook when someone loses his way and others follow him; it prays for him and points out clearly what is wrong.