With the video of “CRUX SACRA SIT MIHI LUX”, Harpa Dei has gone a step further in the transmission of spiritual content. After many publications of sacred music, liturgical prayers, as well as two radioplays (about St. Joan of Arc and St. Agnes), acting elements have been incorporated this time, in order to make visible an invisible reality. This is how the first small “film” came about.

The history of this video is about the spiritual fight in which all men are engaged and that has to be waged with the right weapons. This lesson has to be learned by our “hero” in this little film! He represents our often inappropriate pretence to fight the mystery of iniquity with human means. But human courage turns out to be insufficient in this battle! It was the Cross that broke the power of Evil. That is why the chant from the Medal of St. Benedict resounds throughout the video: “Crux sacra sit mihi lux” (The Holy Cross be my light). We sing it 33 times, corresponding to the years our Savior Jesus Christ dwelt on earth.

However, our “hero” is not alone. On his way he is spiritually accompanied by the ” prudent virgins “. They take refuge at the Cross, knowing where to find true help. In the ruins of a church, where only the Cross enthroned on the top (a symbol of the present situation of our Holy Church) remains, they keep vigil and light the lamps, while waiting for the “warrior”.

The latter, in the midst of his desperate flight from the lion’s claws, having exhausted every last one of his arrows in vain, finds the decisive help: a priest who gives him the weapons he needs for his combat: the cross and the Holy Rosary. He himself makes use of the authority conferred on him to drive the enemy away: “Vade retro, Satana!” Before leaving, the priest hands our “hero” some holy water. The fonts in the churches are to be refilled and this sacramental to be used as another weapon in combat. Thus, our “hero” becomes a “soldier of light” in the army of his Lord – he now knows which weapons to use in this combat!

In the meantime, the ” prudent virgins ” have found other weapons and spiritual aids: the Word of God and the Virgin Mary, who had to be freed from the dust of oblivion. She assists men in this combat!

Finally, dawn is breaking… After the darkness of this time, the light will come and the darkness will have to give way. This whole struggle must be permeated by trust in God. Indeed, it is not a fight with an open ending! It is not the darkness that will win, but the light (To know more about the spiritual warfare, watch this lecture:

We commend this little work to the Lord and His holy angels, hoping that it will be of spiritual benefit to all who come in contact with it.