If we learn to love our Heavenly Father more and more, all idols will have to depart from us. If in the Old Covenant the Israelites had to renounce idols with determination and were strictly forbidden to pay homage to them, today too our Father wants to prevent us from going astray.

St. Paul gave us to understand that demons hide behind idols (cf. 1 Cor 10:19-20) in order to deceive people and lead them away from God.

While there is only one God in three Persons, who is worthy of all worship, the appearances of idols are manifold. They always want to seduce our heart, to bring it under their influence and lead it into a realm where love does not dwell. Anything that pretends to take the place of God in our life mutates and becomes an idol, a thief who wants to usurp our greatest treasure.

By undividedly loving our Heavenly Father and confidently looking up to Him, we point our hearts in the right direction. Intimate dialogue with God and the reception of all His gifts enables the Father to conquer our heart and dwell in it. And when He dwells there, He who is stronger has come to guard our palace (cf. Lk 11:21-22). Then it is love that jealously watches over our heart, so that nothing false can occupy it, and our soul is filled with divine fragrance!