158th Meditation

“I have come to bring peace with this work of love. I will let a ray of peace fall upon anyone who honours Me and trusts in Me, so that he will be relieved in all his troubles, all his worries, sufferings and afflictions, especially if he calls Me and loves Me as his Father” (Father’s Message to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio). 

Our Father knows very well what we need in adversity. In order to attain inner peace, it is not always necessary to overcome all difficulties from one moment to the next and for the sufferings to disappear immediately. What is essential for us is to become aware that God does not leave us alone, but always gives us a sign of His presence, even if we have to do so through an act of faith against our feelings.

If we confidently raise our eyes to God, He will grant us what we need at the precise moment we find ourselves in, and will give to us what will bring light to our inner or outer darkness. With this “ray of peace” that the Father promises to bring down upon us, we will be able to move forward and not sink into darkness.

A good German saying goes, “When you think you can’t go on, a little light shines here or there.” This light comes from God, who does not leave the soul without hope, but helps it to free itself from the clutches of affliction.

The words we have heard today from the Father’s Message are a promise from Him on which we can and must rely. Our Father is pleased that we take His word seriously. Let us think, for example, what happens when we make a promise to a child: that child will not tire of insisting until we make our promise come true. Thus, we are bound by the word we have given and we do not want to let the child down.

How much more so will it be with the children of God, who can fall back on such a comforting promise from their Heavenly Father!