A SERIES ON SPIRITUAL LIFE: The Willingness to Change  

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Today, being the last day of the month of October, we will conclude the series on the spiritual life, which was intended to give us a perspective on what is conducive to the path of following Christ and what makes it fruitful. Before we resume our customary biblical meditations tomorrow, today’s meditation – the last in this series on spirituality – will point us to a basic condition that we must fulfill if we are to grow spiritually.  Read More


137th Meditation

“I have opened in front of you a door that no one will be able to close” (Rev 3:8).

These words addressed to the “angel of the Church of Philadelphia” are extended to all those who have accepted God’s invitation. The door to the Father’s Heart is wide open, so that all those who have embarked on the path of salvation can come to Him. Read More

A SERIES ON SPIRITUAL LIFE: Passive Purification

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Even if we apply all our will to carry out in ourselves the active purification, we will not be able to overcome everything that prevents us from fully corresponding to the love of the Lord. There are attitudes and attachments that are too deeply rooted, and often we are not even aware of them… That is why the Lord comes to our aid by means of another process, which goes beyond what our own efforts in active purification could bring us: It is the so-called “passive purification”. Read More


   136th Meditation

“If you knew how much I love my disciples and how willing I am to unveil to them all the treasures of grace, you would always be awake, attentive to listen to the voice of your heart to meet me” (Interior Word).

Once our heart has been pierced by the love of the Lord, it will perceive how immense this love is and it will long to receive everything that is a sign of this love. What else could it seek outside of it? Read More


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In the classical mystical tradition, the path of following the Lord is usually described in three “ways”: the purgative way (purification), the illuminative way (illumination) and the unitive way (unification).

By having lived a serious conversion, by striving to acquire the virtues and by consciously taking up the fight against our three enemies – the world, the devil and the flesh – the Lord initiates in us the process of interior purification. We are dealing here with our attachments to our passions, as well as to our own ideas, illusions, desires, etc. Read More

A SERIES ON SPIRITUAL LIFE: The fight against the devil (Part II)       

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“Keep sober and alert, because your enemy the devil is on the prowl like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand up to him, strong in faith” (1Pe 5:8-9).

The comparison with a roaring lion makes it clear that, in spiritual combat, we face a terrible enemy. He is ready for anything and stalks his victim carefully and aggressively. To make matters worse, this opponent does not abide by the “rules of chivalry” at all. Read More


133rd Meditation

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s design that prevails” (Prov 19:21).

Wise is the one who does not simply follow the inclinations of their own heart, but examines whether they are in accord with the Lord’s designs. Indeed, His designs prevail. Not infrequently, our abundant fantasies, dreams and desires serve only to confuse us. They cause us to live in an illusion and can even make us prisoners of certain expectations, which, in the end, are not fulfilled. Then they leave an emptiness and disappointment in the soul. Read More

A SERIES ON SPIRITUAL LIFE: The fight against the devil (Part I)      

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In the meditations of the last few days, we had first spoken about that enemy who dwells within us – that is, our flesh – which, because of our fallen nature with its evil inclinations, wants to turn us away from the way of the Lord, or at least make things difficult for us. Then we also discussed the second enemy of our soul – the world – which likewise wishes to lead us away from the spiritual path by its seductions and allurements. Now we must consider one more enemy. Read More